Sweet Tea: Musical Refreshment (EP) Release Date - July 14th!!!

In the summer of 2014, wracked with back pain and barely able to walk due to all loss of feeling in my left leg, my life suddenly stopped. I couldn’t go to work, or take care of my kids or do any of the many responsibilities required of a single mother of two. It was depressing, it was a blow to my faith, but it turned out to be a gift from God.

Alone and in need of a distraction from the pain of recovering from back surgery, I began to write music. I wrote about my marriage and how it fell apart. I wrote about my kids and the brightness I see in them each day. I wrote about my best friends who always magically show up when I need a glass a wine and some laughs. I wrote about meeting someone new and losing someone I loved. Sixteen songs later, I had a soulful and melodic journal of my life.

In the fall, I recovered and returned to work full time. I fell into my routine and the songs stayed in that journal. Until November. That’s when one of my dearest friends and brother, Jermaine Michael Rollins, collapsed and suddenly passed into heaven.

Shaken to my very core by this event, I pulled the journal of songs out of my desk and promised to finish at least a handful in honor of a man who inspired me and believed in my talent. These are just a few of the songs I am choosing to share with you now. “Sweet Tea: Musical Refreshment” is the name of this collection because its soulful and southern and my given stage name made manifest. You’ll hear some soul, you’ll hear some jazz, you’ll hear some R&B. But more than all that, I hope that you'll hear my heart and that you would feel peace in your day as you listen to this chill music :)

Thanks for listening loved ones!

Peace, love and blessings,
Clarissa Amber Garrett

This Extended Play (EP) will be released online Tuesday, July 14th 2015. Its completely free, just please share it with your friends and family if you enjoy it!

Until then, check out the single "Endless Symphony" posted on SoundCloud @ https://soundcloud.com/clarissaamber/endless-symphony


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